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TARC engines
SpaceCAD contains all the engines that you need to compete in the TARC.

“One of my students tried your software for the first time yesterday, and took to it like a duck to water. She was the first one to finish a complete, original design, that was stable and launched perfectly. It really made her day!  Thanks for such awesome software!”

Christopher Hoppner
Locust Valley High School

Give yourself a winning edge in the upcoming
 Team America Rocketry Challenge 2019!

SpaceCAD 6 allows you to design, build and fly incredible rockets that will take you to the TARC finals!

New Version 6
SpaceCAD has been heavily improved, has more features and is even more user-friendly!

Designed for TARC 
SpaceCAD was designed to support TARC teams from the start. You can install one license on up to three PC's, laptops or netbooks.

SpaceCAD computes your rocket's flight from launch to landing. Design your rocket to meet TARC's requirements: Tweak for height, flight duration and a safe landing. SpaceCAD is rocket design, flight and recovery simulation all rolled into one and enables you to build a rocket that'll make you the winner!

Accurate Flight Prediction

SpaceCAD computes your rocket's flight. It also allows you to enter launch site details (air pressure, height, humidity) to realistically model the air.

This results in a more accurate flight prediction, because the air density has an impact on your rocket's flight. Alternatively, you can also let SpaceCAD use the "standard atmosphere" that uses a standardized way for the air density based on your launch site height.

This allows you to simulate how the rocket flies at different launch sites - for example, if you're in Florida you can better prepare for the different conditions in Virginia.

Fine-tune for safe & timely recovery

The recovery designer allows you to analyze and fine-tune your rocket's landing. 

This allows you to exactly see how long and how far away your rocket will float and how long it will take until it reaches the ground. This is especially helpful if you need to build your recovery system for an exact floating time, like in the TARC contest. Also, this feature allows your rocket to have two recovery systems that work in tandem. It can work on altitude ejection, time based ejection (after apogee or after launch), giving high-power rocketeers all the freedom they need to succesfully recover their rockets.

You can also prepare different recovery systems by running multiple simulations for different wind speeds. So you are prepared for all wind situations!

Here's what makes SpaceCAD special:

Supports you in building your rocket

SpaceCAD includes the most sophisticated printout suite available today that no other model rocket software can match.

You can print a
  • Nose cone pattern
  • Transition cutout-guide
  • Centering-guide
  • Fin-position/-alignment and cutout-guide
  • Parachute pattern guide
  • Comprehensive rocket data sheet
  • Rocket's elements list
  • Rocket Data Sheet and Parts List 

Rocket design in 2D and 3D

SpaceCAD has everything you need to build a complete model rocket: Nose cones, body tubes, fins, transitions, weights, inner tubes, centering rings, motor mounts, bulkheads.See the details of your rocket in the 2D-sketch or the 3D-view and zoom in the design for all those important details.

Anytime, see your rocket's important data like lift-off weight and stability.

Plus much more!

SpaceCAD runs on Windows 7 and 10. It has passed Microsoft's compatibility tests for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10. To earn the "Compatible with Windows" logo, SpaceCAD had to pass Microsoft designed installation, performance, reliability, and security tests so you can be sure SpaceCAD works excellent on Windows 7 and 10. 

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for just US$39.50 
(with your TARC coupon!)

for just US$39.50 
(with your TARC coupon!)

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